Dare I say?

*** Trigger Warning*** 

I sat here wondering why it would even matter. What was the purpose or point? To write about the horrors of sexual assault and rape. Not just personal stories, but those that have been heard over the years. The cold case files that have been read. The countless hours spent trying to read articles and websites and blogs from rapists and pedophiles to make sense of what rape is. What it is within the complexity of social structures within society and how it manifests dominance and control. Why it is so much more “socially acceptable” in certain group of people, and where it all steamed from? Where did it start and what are the side effects? How many people obsessive about this question? Bring it up in conversations only to be shut down and dismissed or cause anger only to find yourself trying to change the subject because you know it is not socially expectable to speak of but you want to hear the sides of both. To understand why certain types of men rape.  What are the different types of rape? Is it just physical? The questions and under explored available knowledge was so limited. Even counselors seemed to be stuck by their own roles of “feministic” expectations depending on where they fell in the sequence of their own generational line which seemed to make a difference in their opinions and how they dealt with the subject as often it was a matter of what their own experiences had done to them. Either silenced them or shut them down in one way or another. They had their children and devote their life’s to being “good woman.” Worse, the societies breed on “forgive and forget.” It seems crazy to me, in a world of good, that we would come from a world that once forced child marriages and held public stoning of rape victims. However, once understanding the psychological complexities within mental health and how disorders can interexchange and co-exist amongst each other within the same vessel holding their consciousness and how issues regarding mental health and rape intertwine. It started to make sense after studying human history and the episodes of psychosis. Healthy men do not rape. Healthy women do not encourage or support rape. 

Imagine that. How simple. Yet we are in a world full of mental health issues and traumatic cycles that incorporates the struggles that we have to survive from. For those that do not understand, please do not confuse role playing BDSM as the same thing as someone raping a four year old, or being tied up and forced to have sex with someone you do not even like or want to touch you only for them to use the pleasure reaction against you. It is not just about the physical act but the control. Forcing someone against their own will or unconscious involuntary contribution and/or lack of ability to consent only to be told they asked for it. Look up some cold case files about rape and sexual assault, and you may have a different opinion about your beliefs regarding what rape and sexual assault is. If you do not understand the difference, please seek a mental health professional to help you in your journey to healing and learning healthy boundaries. 

However, the point again, in opening up with such a taboo subject is because this gives you insight about what the future holds for things I may decide to write about. This blog is not for the meek. 

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