Claiming Peaceful

I had been working down town Portland when it took place. Estimated numbers of people was as high as 100,000. No violence was incited. I watched and felt a sense of pride, not just of the people coming together in bringing awareness of the hopeful future of America, but those that recognize the need for change in addressing the grievances of redress. Thousands of peaceful protesters and no one died. No one was injured. No guns were shot. 

The closure of our streets, the place that once felt safe and like utopia where we lived in peace and unity. That we cared about our neighbors but also the laws that govern our inherited privileges. Those that are supposed to honor and respect in admiration and gratitude for what we has been given to us in the land of the free and home of the brave, and the sacrifice and bloodshed in defending those values. I thought about the Freedom Bus and all that Mr. King preached about as what they had to endure and watch fellow brethren lite it on fire and those that where assault in asking for recognition as human and for changes in law but stood tall in their virtues and desire for peace and equality. I think about the immigrants that walked besides Cesar Chaves in boycotts and strikes and demanding change but it was without inciting violence. Rather seeking peace and fairness in treatment for a chance for a better life and no one brought guns or insinuated violence. 

I was fortunate enough to be chosen for further interviewing that never was fruitful but I was in the one of the federal buildings. As I was getting finger printed, I noticed bullet holes in the slit of the window which made me realize how bad things had gotten. I did not want to die just going to work and felt the intensity amongst those there working dedicated to their jobs. Just people like me, with no agenda and just want to do a good job for the sake of doing a good job for the right reasons, and who felt lucky just to be chosen for an interview. It is easy not to notice or be unaffected or misinformed with the easy spread of propaganda and gross negligence of transparency from our government. I get sickened by the new articles I have read and the videos I have watched regarding what happened on the steps of our capitol in Washington D.C. this past January. I watched a video of an adult carelessly and with reckless willfulness throw a fire extinguisher at a group of with people who were supposedly all there for the same cause only to learn that the person it hit was killed. Yet there are people out there trying to defend this as a “peaceful protest.” That will not claim what this past administration done and the leaders who hold no responsibilities like our past human history has not taught us nothing about those with great responsibilities in holding positions of power and authority. They want to claim that it is was not their fault. It has been someone’s else fault for the last four years both before and after. No claim for the causes of pain and confusion, and angry mobs storming the capitol claiming a “peaceful protest” while senators and representatives and other important members ran and hide in fear of their life.  Though once again, while it seems, even when losing lives, only leads us to the same results of blame shifting and gaslighting. What happen to the America I knew that January? What happened to the people who stood in unity in knowing the difference of right and wrong, and recognition in the need for social change? When the people recognize the need for social change, is it not the responsibility of the government to adapt and implement policies that follow the social consciousness rather than revert us back to the same abuses our Constitution was written to prevent, and the perversion of such principles for the justification of violence and death is dismantling everything America has worked so hard for in the preservation of a free world.   

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