I was addicted to the adrenaline. 

I started turning to toxic things. 

I didn’t like the bad vibes driving my position.

Sabotages and displacement in taking advantage of under education; 

Under privileges preying on weaker beings. 

They always say that until talking about; 

Domestic violence and unstable conditions. 

He broke my wings and tried to stop the breathing; 

Until I found myself in a blackout; 

Waking up to something inside me. 

It felt demonic and like it was trying to possess me. 

It started getting spiritual. 

An intervention I wasn’t gambling on. 

Holding cards as tight as I could because 

It was my aces. I started seeing faces in the sky and shadows. 

I started seeing rainbows.

Published by Ms. Selective

Traveling Gypse with a Heartfelt Spirit.

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