It was like a constant episode of crime and punishment. 

Like we came from a background that told us 

We had to suffer and endure the pain-

Like we where still stuck to cold world wars.

Wars that where suppose to help us remember the destruction of 

History and scrolls that were supposed to help us maintain 

A global conscious connection in the value 

Of human existence despite the flaws and imperfections-

That the only thing that ever came from man was evil. 

But that was not true. Legacies and legends 

Forgotten and untold that had disappeared when we stopped 

Sharing stories for those searching for glory

At all costs in means of convictions- 

Trials and Tribulations with thoughts in reflection

To a connection to God. They said women are not worthy

And that she could not preach. That it was a sin. 

But if the words were from God-  

Who was to say it wasn’t from source?

The same answering praying lord you claim to believe in. 

Did you ever think, for a second, that she had a voice, 

And thoughts too? A connection even if all doe eye’d. 

Published by Ms. Selective

Traveling Gypse with a Heartfelt Spirit.

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