Singanci and Harbenci

The Singanci were not supposed to marry the Harbenci in the depths of Siberia

But that changed with time and rebellious teens and falling in love; enlightenment. 

First Amendment Rights that came with privilege to natural born divinity- the Holy Ghost;

That we were all the same in preying to the same God with the same purpose. 

To praises and uplift our blessings and stand together in the wake of the storm

But all it took was two crosses while turning the other cheek to the fact he was a pedophile-

That the man pretending to be a persist was grooming and raping the little girls.

Denying cultish familiarities to Crime and Punishment- 

Left in his care with trust and respect. I pray it burns every day in the suffering on this earth

And that still would not be justice to the crimes committed against Spirit; against Source- 

Trying to claim carrying weight in all the other good. Praying that God shows mercy 

Where there is lack of understanding but remembering 

In asking, “How big is your God?” Who would be better to bring upon

Judgment day and vengeance for all who were left silently screaming for their innocence. 

Published by Ms. Selective

Traveling Gypse with a Heartfelt Spirit.

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