Crossed Strangers

No lines had been crossed. 

Just rather standing on the fence line. 

People can say a lot of things

But it was innocent, 

Nor would I be made to feel bad 

About being honest about my own feelings.

I wasn’t thirteen. I didn’t believe 

You could only love one person. 

Doing the right thing-

Regardless seemed to come with a price tag 

And judgements. Wasn’t that ironic?

I didn’t believe love meant 

Convenience, or only loving when it was easy

As I knew, the best things grew 

In the moments when it was the hardest-

Yet, there it all was stable. 

Nsync and in balance-

Like timing would reveal its purpose 

Finding myself thinking about something-

Someone that lingered in the shadows 

And was nothing but a stranger to me. 

Published by Ms. Selective

Traveling Gypse with a Heartfelt Spirit.

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