Damaged Goods

She would have married her rapist at fourteen 

Had it been pushed. No guy wants to date a girl

That has been raped. Damage goods- that’s what they called them. 

Within our own communities- often- they got sent 

To monasteries out in Siberia. To silence them. 

Seeking forgiveness and give them healing and peace 

Which would come with other revelations-

Their own trials and tribulations.

The story of the dreamers started weaving together 

A reality that felt like a day dream. 

As if was deja vu and here again

On track- there was meaning to all of it 

Yet it tasted so bitter. Van Gogh 

In search of his ear and own sense 

Of understanding in why the madness became so consuming-

Yet on the contrary, it was romanticized, the tragedy 

That artists are never discovered until it is too late. 

Paintings, the pictures of understanding 

From the world they observed. 

Published by Ms. Selective

Traveling Gypse with a Heartfelt Spirit.

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