He Didn’t Like Her

He said you only get one chance; 

To give me what I wanted.

You have five minutes to tell me what it is.

You have three minutes to answer

Both questions. It was for the confusion. 

Waiting for another reason

To give her a beating-

If I don’t like your answer-

And it kept repeating.

He did not like her. It was mind games.

It told them it was spiritual

And don’t fuck with me, unless you mean it.

I wasn’t all perfect. I wasn’t a side chick

And I wasn’t looking for Prince Charming.

Not all in glass but like it was holy

In a reflection I wondered if he could kill me;

Cause he misunderstood the purpose,

The things waiting. She said

Not in the death of my father.

Not in the death of his ghost but I knew there

Was more in stories following me

Like I didn’t have ghosts telling me the truth

But he tried to justify it.

No. You just helped spread rumors.

Published by Ms. Selective

Traveling Gypse with a Heartfelt Spirit.

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