Picture Perfect

It was awkward. You can not deny that.  I wanted more and felt spilt between dreams- It was all crumbling. I knew it had to start somewhere. I didn’t know what the future was holding for me  Every week felt like tumbling dust and despair  That forever will be remember as 2020 And things changed.Continue reading “Picture Perfect”

Old Classics

Gray skies made the days  Short and dreary;  Milling pieces of a stranger;  An acquaintance from a past life.  At least that is what it felt like  Life spent missing him.  Chasing old classics as distractions  Trying to forget him.  Ten years comes flying like a ton of bricks;  That it would ever it hitContinue reading “Old Classics”

The Keychain

The keychain hung from the hook On the wall next to the jacket rack Worn and torn as it was always with her; Sparkling of favorite colors in the right light of silver and blue; Though showing signs of use and age. A niece who be-gifted for Christmas Heartfelt reminders of family all in aContinue reading “The Keychain”