All Temptations

It was madness. The push and pull.

Lies creeping with deceit- carefully tip toeing. 

Maybe never saying the words, 

But never clarifying questions asked or assumptions made. 

Never caring. Half mindedly present with a plan-

Though undefined. Rather a map with roads all leading down roads. 

Red flags and making excuses for the joy; the chaos-

Happy times shared revealing meaningless dust. 

The moments of togetherness and trying to grow something, 

build something new; adventures that would lead to something of glory.

The shiny yellow-brick road and all of its temptations. 

Comic Alignment

It is the little things that stood out-

A weird twist to the trail Alice got lost on.

An adventure that leads to the feeling like it was déjà vu.

It is the little things that stood out-

A roller-a-coaster ride just waiting in anticipation

To the rush of adrenaline sent coursing straight to the heart.

It is the little things that stood out-

The way the colors seemed brighter 

And caught in cheesy smiles. 

It is the little things that stood out-

The way falling felt easy- like it was safe.

As it was supposed to lead here- the journey.

It is the little things that stood out- 

Spiritually and cosmically aligning-

Like it was a destiny in meeting. 

Love and Art

Heading towards willow creek-

Its like there was an angel on my right side

And a saint helping translate the meaning 

Of forever and love and art.

Yet isn’t that what happens 

When we are never satisfied-

The fantasy of something better.  

Like he ends up in your dreams-

In everyday routines in reflections and the bi-polar thoughts

That knew he was cooler when he was sober-

Why? It was like waking up

Remembering something that couldn’t taste sweeter

Just something your craving without being able to define the definition

Until you felt the crack burning like lava within your vines along the half of your own soul. 

That was different. The way it felt like 

A reflection of my other half- a twin flame. 


Unexpected transitions disrupted reality

As the connection was bright but the details blurry-

Unkempt and unorganized. 

Always so neat with everything in place. A purpose. 

Goals and definitions that should make clear- 

Like crystal- only dirty and unsure 

Of what could shine and sparkle 

In the right lighting and timing 

Aligned perfectly within the sunlight. 

That was what loving him was like. 

Vibrance that glittered from a distance 

Only to wake up to the nightmare 

Within the shadow that haunted

Insecurities from tragic endings. 

Lights flickered from the garage 

Highlighting the dark corners 

Of streets and lingering smoke 

Saturating the ambience full of mystery 

And adventures to be had. 

Only to it to be held down and held back-

Trapped by the makings within confines

Of beliefs restricting what could be- 

But isn’t that always the problem? Overthinking.